Heavy-duty truck and trailer equipment is very robust, because it has to be.  The average transport truck covers more miles in a week than most automobiles travel in months.  Quality engineering, combined with careful maintenance make them the most reliable vehicles on the road.

Still, breakdowns happen.  When they do, repairs are more complicated than they are for your family car.  The sheer size of the vehicle, combined with the fact that the trailer is probably heavy with cargo, mean that an operation as simple as a tire change requires specialized equipment that can’t travel with the truck.

The best prevention is a good maintenance program, administered by specialized mechanics who know the business and are familiar with your specific vehicle.

Owing to our central position in the country, and the fact that Winnipeg is the largest centre for hundreds of miles in any direction, there are many truck repair facilities here to choose from.  As a result, local truckers have plenty of options when choosing a repair facility.

Truckers affiliated with Len Dubois Trucking can take advantage of our in-house service, which means less travel, less hassle, and less expense.  For our Owner/Operators, we do our best to provide the best quality of work at the lowest possible prices, and because we believe in treating our people like family, you can rest assured that we’ll do so with the highest level of integrity.  Company drivers will find that our equipment is maintained to a very high standard, so that it will provide maximum reliability for you where it counts, out on the road.

Len Dubois Trucking is looking for people with the right attitude to join our company as Owner/Operators and Company drivers, and we’re doing what it takes to attract the right ones.   To find out more, call us at 204-783-2797 (Toll Free 888-590-2760), or choose our “Chat” link today!