You’re driving down I-90 when a voice comes over the CB and says, “I’m dealing with a bumper sticker, and crotch-rocket cowboy in the hammer lane. But oh my, I’m staring at the back end of a classy chassis.”

You give your head a shake and wonder if should stop at the next nap trap to check your eyelids for pinholes. Certainly you didn’t hear right. Well you did and you don’t need to search for the nearest rest area, you need to study your trucker lingo.

Here’s our first instalment of trucker lingo to get you started.

Bumper Sticker –is a vehicle that is tailgating.

Classy Chassis –is a nice truck.

Check my eyelids for Pinholes – refers to being tired.

Crotch-Rocket Cowboy – is a person on a motorcycle or sports bikes who is driving recklessly.

Hammer Lane – is the far left lane or the fast lane.

Nap Trap – refers to a motel or rest stop.

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