The CVSA Roadcheck Program is run every year as part of an ongoing educational and awareness program. This year Roadcheck will begin on June 2nd and run for 72 hours. Drivers should, as always, be prepared to undergo Level 1 inspections by DOT officials.

Part of this inspection will include the suspension and coupling devices. While our drivers use late model, well maintained equipment, there is no guarantee that mechanical problems won’t arise. It is important that drivers complete their pre and post trip vehicle inspections to ensure the proper working conditions of the equipment.


While inspecting the suspension please ensure that you:

Inspect the suspension for indications of misaligned, shifted, cracked or missing springs; loosened shackles; missing bolts; unsecured spring hangars; and cracked or loose U-bolts.

Check any unsecured axle positioning parts and for signs of axle misalignment.

On the front axle, check for cracks, welds and obvious misalignment.

Coupling Devices

While inspecting the coupling devices please ensure that you:

Check the safety devices (chains/wire rope) for sufficient number, missing components, improper repairs and devices that are incapable of secure attachment.

On the lower fifth wheel, check for unsecured mounting to the frame or any missing or damaged parts or any visible space between the upper and lower fifth wheel plates. Verify that the locking jaws are around the shank and not the head of the kingpin. Also make sure that the release lever is seated properly and that the safety latch is engaged.

Check the upper fifth wheel for any damage to the weight bearing plate and its supports, such as cracks, loose or missing bolts on the trailer.

On the sliding fifth wheel, check for proper engagement of locking mechanism (teeth fully engaged on rail). Also check for worn or missing parts and ensure that the position does not allow the tractor frame rails to contact the landing gear during turns.

Check for damaged or missing fore and aft stops.

At Len Dubois Trucking we expect zero violations from our drivers. Completing proper, full pre and post trip inspections will alert you to any problems on the equipment you are using and allow us to have it repaired.