Jason, Dev, Jeremy, Mel and Nyx sure lived up to their team name, The Filthy Truckers, this weekend at the second annual Dirty Donkey Mud Run. The Len Dubois Trucking team gave it their all as they ran, climbed, crawled, pulled and slithered through the 5k track complete with some very muddy obstacles.The team would like to thank everyone for the donations they received in support of United Way. Together they raised $500.00. As promised Jeremy will be putting together a video of the teams endeavors so that you can see just how hard everyone worked. Unfortunately, Jeremy left early Sunday on a run and didn’t have time to put the video together. We’ve put together some pictures from the day to tide you over until he gets back to Winnipeg.

The Filthy Truckers still all clean. Top Row: Nyx Derricks, Mel Davidson Bottom Row: Jason Dubois, Dev Palmer, Jeremy Derricks

The Filthy Truckers signing in for their heat

And they're off!

Getting a little dirty . . .

Go team!

Dev sporting his new stache.

Jeremy walking the wall

Dev walking the wall

Jason walking the wall

Starting the killer K

Running up Spring hill for the second time

Jason climbing the wall of shame

Let's go you mules, pull those pallets!

and just when you thought it couldn't get any worse . . .

. . . or more disgusting. Yup, Jason went dumpster diving!

Go team, GO!

The last obstacle was a doozie

Mel rises from the slime

Nyx scrambles to her feet

That's one filthy trucker

and last, but not least, here's Jason covered in mud

and just when the guys thought it couldn't get worse . . .

. . . it did as they got hosed off with freezing water by firemen . . .

. . . although, it looks like Dev really enjoyed this part

We hope you enjoyed these pictures from the event. If you want to see more pictures from the event check out our facebook page.