winnipeg truckingncompanyIt’s that time of the year again. CVSA Roadcheck 2014 is running June 3 -5, 2014. Running for a full 72 hours, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and its members across the United States, Canada and Mexico will be participating in Roadcheck 2014.

In its 27th year, it’s the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected, every minute from Canada to Mexico.

Last year, Roadcheck 2013, resulted in the inspection of over 73,000 trucks and buses and 71,360 driver inspections with 4.3% of drivers given out-of-service violations.

The CVSA’s Annual Roadcheck is performed to ensure the safety standards are being met by drivers, and their vehicles, and to ensure that operators are aware of the importance of safe operations. Since 1988, the CVSA estimates it has helped drivers avoid over 4,000 accidents and has saved over 200 lives.

As usual, Len Dubois Trucking is confidant our drivers and equipment will pass any and all inspections performed. We have a great team drivers and owner operators with modern well maintained equipment.

Remember to be thorough in your vehicle inspections, including post trip inspections. During this blitz, drivers log books will be inspected. Ensure that they are filled out correctly with no missing information and current up to your last change of duty status. Small mistakes with your log book can result in a fine, and even warnings go against our safety record.

Safe, violation free, travels to you all.