This time of year is always interesting for Winnipeg, and for once we’re not discussing the weather.

You see, this is the time of year where careers become a focal point for local youth. With graduation not far off for Grade 12 students and university students completing their studies (at least for now), the focus turns to ‘the next step’ for eager high schoolers.

At this point in the year, of course, is Winnipeg’s Rotary Career Symposium, which attracts thousands of high schoolers to the Winnipeg Convention Centre each year to learn more about the variety of career choices they have.

Now part of the challenge you face as a parent is guiding your kids to successful careers. Schools and guidance counselors can encourage your child(ren) on the proper path, but they cannot be relied upon, as they may show bias towards, or against, certain career paths.

Instead, what we strongly encourage you to do is examine all options. Just because Rotary is finished, that doesn’t mean that career exploration has.

If you or your child is interested in learning more about the trucking industry in Manitoba, a highly-rewarding career that is far from the conception of a life fully on the road, then contact us. We’re happy to share our insight into the world of trucking.