Safety Doesn’t End with Operation Safe Driver Week 2020

As Operation Safe Driver wraps up it's important to remember that our focus on safety is more than a week-long enforcement blitz. Safety is our primary focus all the time.

Good Trucker Health Habits

The life of a truck driver can be an unhealthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. I know this isn't groundbreaking news. It's obvious that a job can lead to unhealthy habits when it requires long hours of sitting, lots of time away from home, tight deadlines, and little access to common amenities such as a kitchen or exercise equipment.

Don’t Miss a Thing – Trucking News Round Up

In trucking, we make hay when the sun shines. But as some normalcy returns we start to see some familiar things getting more ink in trucking. Inspection blitz, HOS news, and infrastructure have been making headlines.

What it takes to be a successful owner operator

It’s a tough business but owning your own truck can be a great move forward in your trucking career. Truck ownership has plenty of financial potential. Plus, there’s nothing like the freedom of entrepreneurship.

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