Aggressive drivers and road rage are serious safety concerns and they make our roadways less safe. Aggressive driving includes tailgating, speeding, unsafe lane changes, inappropriate use of lights or horn, inappropriate gestures, and actions to intimidate others on the road.

Aggressive driving increases the risk of an accident or collision. It is everyone’s responsibility to conduct themselves in a safe and professional way at all times. No one thinks their actions will end in a fatal accident – until it happens. It’s your responsibility to avoid unnecessary risks. It only takes one bad decision and a fraction of a second to hurt someone or be hurt ourselves.

Are You an Aggressive Driver? Take our quiz and find out!

Do you always maintain a safe following distance?

Do you only pass slower moving traffic on the left?

Do you yield to faster traffic by moving to the right?

Do you follow the right-of-way rules at four-way stops?

Do you reduce your speed during inclement weather?

Do you adhere to the speed limits posted in construction zones?

Do you ever hog the passing lane?

Do you always come to a complete stop at stop signs?

Do you approach intersections and pedestrians at slow speeds to show your intention and ability to stop?

Do you use your horn as an anger management tool?

Do you always adhere to the posted speed limit?

Do you make frequent lane changes, weaving in and out of traffic?

Are You an Aggressive Driver?
Safe Driver

Way to Go! You rarely, if ever, exhibit aggressive driving habits. Your patience and awareness of the rules of the road help keep you and the motorists you share the roadways with safe!
Fairly Safe Driver

You have a moderate tendancy to drive aggressively. Perhaps you are unaware of the aggressive actions you take on the roadways. Look back at the quiz to see if it has identified any unsafe driving behaviours that you can correct!
Aggressive Driver

You are going to cause an accident! Contrary to what you may think, the roadways are for everyone. You should adjust your driving behaviours before you cause an accident!

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