One year ago, Jason Dubois was abandoned on a remote Manitoba Island with only a cell phone and a list of contacts he could call to help rescue him. His goal was two-fold:

1. Increase awareness of the services provided by Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) Air Ambulance.

2. Raise $50,000 to be rescued from the island in support of the STARS fundraising initiative, Rescue on the Island.

Our Commitment to STARS Continues

“Being in the transportation industry makes us keenly aware of how important the STARS program is. The geographical expanse of our roadways, especially between rural communities, can seem endless in emergency situations,” Dubois had stated as his reason for accepting the Rescue on the Island challenge for 2015. But his commitment to STARS carries on well past the $$56,310.00 he raised last year.

Dubois was the first individual to participate in the Rescue on the Island initiative as a representative of the trucking industry.

“Our industry witnesses the many opportunities where STARS can make the difference between life and death on our roadways every day. Their quick reaction times and ability to provide on-board emergency medical care makes STARS an invaluable asset right across the Canadian prairies,” he said.

Decaling one of the Len Dubois Trucking trailers, now known as the STARS trailer, has helped keep STARS Air Ambulance on the minds of many as it travels the Highways of North America. The hope is that the trailer will serve as a gentle reminder of the benefits of the STARS program and that it will peak the curiosity of those who have never heard of STARS Air Ambulance before.

STARS Offers Time, Hope and Life-saving Transport

Less than half the population of Western Canada lives in major urban centres and has access to critical care within minutes. For the other half, such access is measured in hours. That can mean the difference between life and death; full recovery or permanent damage.

With STARS, those living in rural communities, working in remote areas, travelling on highways or being transported from community hospitals to major medical centres, receive the very best in critical care in helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs.

We Can all be Partners in Saving Lives

STARS Air Ambulance is only partly funded by the Manitoba Government, relying on donations received from individuals, service groups, businesses, corporations and municipalities to meet the funding needs of the organization.

On September 16, 2016, eight brave individuals will be dropped off on a remote island in Manitoba. Among them is John Oades, Fleet Manager of Beaver Truck Centre; his goal – to raise $50,000 in support of STARS Air Ambulance. Become a partner in saving lives and make a donation to help rescue John from the island.