One of the biggest annoyances truck driver’s face while they’re out on the road, besides the obvious lack of parking, is poor fuel island etiquette.

All truck driver’s know what the fuel island is for. It’s for fuelling, washing windows, adding oil and DEF fluid, or some other minor maintenance tasks that need to be done. Even then, all tasks besides fuelling and adding DEF should be done while the tanks are filling, not afterwards.

If you’ve been over the road for any length of time, you know this isn’t always the case; that is why we’ve put together this article to outline the 3 basic rules of fuel island etiquette.

The Rules of the Island

Fuelling, and adding DEF should be your primary tasks while at the island. While your tanks are filling wash your windows, check and top up oil and other fluids or give your vehicle a walk around inspection. Once the tanks are full, all maintenance tasks should be moved to the parking lot, and completed away from the fuel island.

As soon as you are finished fuelling, drive forward or find a parking space to free up the island for those drivers behind you before you go in and pay. This isn’t always an option, so if you have to leave the truck at the island go in and pay as quickly as possible. This isn’t time for window shopping.

Never leave your truck at the fuel island for longer than necessary. The fuel island is not a parking space, and should not be used as one while you take your 30-minute break, go inside to grab a shower or eat a meal or even browse the confectionary aisle too long before paying for your fuel.

Truckers at fuel islands need to work together; they need to be courteous and respectful to all the drivers lining up behind them. After all, with the E-Log ticking away, the fuelling process needs to go as quickly as it can; fuelling should only take 15 to 20 minutes and that’s including the time it takes to run inside to pay.