Pre-Trip Inspection: Cab Check

We all know that pre-trip inspections are important, but are we checking everything we need to? When completing your pre-trip inspection, make sure you check for these things inside the cab: Wiper blades – Not damaged and making contact with the windshield. Windshield washer – Working properly. Horns both city & highway – Working properly. [...]

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Pre-Trip Inspection: The Walk Around

You can begin your pre-trip as you approach your vehicle.  Look for any obvious problems; fluid on the ground, any damage to body, a slight lean indicating a flat tire or suspension problem. Also, check for the following: Fuel Tank Secured to frame with at least 2 metal bands with rubber backing. Ensure no [...]

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Pre-Trip Inspection: Under the Hood

Pre-trips are important to trucking safety and truck maintenance. Pre-trips should be done when you start your trip and at the beginning of each work day. By completing a pre-trip you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns on the road, which come with hefty tow and roadside assistance fees. There are many things truck drivers have to [...]

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