Tips for Using Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

ELD Mandate In December of this year, the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate will come into full effect in the US. Canada will follow suit in 2018 with a proposal expected in the spring of this year. Since 80% of freight goes southbound the ELD mandate is in effect for all of us this year. Len [...]

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Stay Safe Around Semi Trucks: Learn where the blind spots are

With summer vacations just around the corner there is going to be an increase in traffic across the country. Len Dubois Trucking, of Winnipeg Manitoba, and our team of drivers wanted to share some safety tips that are essential for everyone to know; especially when traveling around semi trucks. There are many people out there [...]

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Hours of Service Enforcement Keeps Us Safe

Hours of Service regulations are in place to protect the public, drivers, and trucking companies. Drivers daily logs are routinely checked by law enforcement and trucking companies. The trucking industry is more focused on safety than ever before. Perception of the Trucking Industry A popular perception of the trucking industry is - truck drivers drive [...]

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