What’s New in Trucking – Trucking News from May 2024

As the industry gears up for the busy summer months, May has brought a wave of significant developments and insightful trends. Grab a cup of coffee and catch up on trucking news from May.

Len Dubois Trucking: Your Safety-First Partner for Reliable Service

Our focus on operating professionally is the reason why we've been in the Winnipeg trucking industry for nearly 40 years!

What’s New in Trucking – Trucking News from April 2024

As we enjoy some our wet spring, a much needed wet spring, lets take a look at what's new in trucking from April. If you missed important industry news, fear not, we got you covered! Grab a coffee and see the headlines we thought were important.

Tasty and Quick – Meatloaf Singles

Do you love meatloaf? Who doesn’t? It’s easy to make, easy to store, and reheats well, which makes it perfect for a truck driver's schedule. Not to mention, ground beef is a wonderful source of protein.

What’s New in Trucking – January 2024 Trucking News

As the new year unfolds, the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, impacting operations across the board.

What’s New in Trucking – From December Trucking News

Let's look at the trucking news that we think are the most compelling news stories shaping the trucking industry from December. From parking issues, to predatory towing, to infrastructure announcements - December was a busy time in trucking!

Snowflakes and Wrenches: Revving Up for Winter Maintenance

You may or may not know that our Maintenance Manager Alex Downey publishes a quarterly article in Western Canada Highway News magazine. Below is an excerpt from his article that was just published in the Winter Edition beginning on page 76.

What’s New in Trucking – September 2023 Trucking News

The autumn colours are here, winter is around the corner, and we’re heading into a busier time of year. So, it’s understandable of you missed some trucking news.

Career Opportunity – Dispatch Coordinator

Reporting to the Operations Manager, this position maintains professional and courteous relationships with customers, drivers in their fleet and all company staff. Ensuring accurate and effective communication is the top priority in this role.

What’s New in Trucking – July 2023 Trucking News

We collected what we think are the important trucking news stories from July. Let’s take a look at the industry news from a busy July with news about truck parking, regulation enforcement, and more. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy some trucking news from July you might have missed.

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