Len Dubois Trucking in the winter

With winter on our heals, it’s time to start thinking about those “Winter Must Do’s” that will make your life, and the lives of your shop crew, easier this winter.

1. Add Fuel Conditioner to Your Fuel

It seems like a no brainer but if you’re coming up north from the south, you’re not using winter fuel. Add conditioner before you hit the colder northern temperatures. Always ensure you have conditioned fuel when you drop your truck for your days off when the truck will be sitting for a while.

2. Drop with Full Tanks

When you drop your truck, make sure you have full tanks. When you’re in for your home time your truck will be sitting in the yard. There is less chance of your fuel freezing when you have full tanks.

3. Avoid Cracks in Your Airline Hose

In colder temperatures your airline hose will become brittle and easier to crack. This happens when you are connecting the hose to the gladhand. To help prevent this you will want to pay attention when coupling. Grab as much of the glandhand has possible and don’t put too much pressure on the hose. If you crack the hose, or discover a leak, simply cut the hose below the crack and reconnect. Make sure you have some basic tools in your truck to help you with minor repairs.

4. Keep Sand in the Jump Box

It’s not uncommon to get stuck on ice patches in loading docks or parking lots. Keep a container of sand and winter sidewalk salt mixture in the jump box. This can get you unstuck and on your way in no time. You don’t need much, an empty four litre container should be enough, just remember to refill it.