If you’re driving down the road, obviously your looking out the windshield, but are you looking far enough ahead? Looking ahead 12 to 15 seconds gives you a solid advantage, just don’t forget to watch the vehicles closer to you as well. Looking ahead you’ll be able to:

  • See vehicles coming onto the highway, into your lane or turning.
  • Watch for brake lights and be able to adjust your speed accordingly.
  • Prepare for hills and curves, or anything else which may require you to slow down or change lanes.
  • Time traffic lights so that you don’t get caught trying to race a stale green instead, allowing yourself time to slow down and stop for the red light.

Most importantly, looking far enough ahead will help you avoid collisions

As a driver you need to learn how to:

  • watch the traffic around you,
  • pick up on the habits (good or bad) of the motorists on the roadway with you;
  • and anticipate and plan for what could happen on the roadway in any given situation.

Don’t let this Happen to You

A YouTuber released dash cam footage of this accident involving a truck and several vehicles. It appears that traffic had slowed, but the driver didn’t adjust his speed, causing an accident.

A Better Ending, But Still a Fail in Our Books

Iowa DOT released this video showing a truck go off the road to avoid crashing into traffic that was stopped because of an accident. While this driver managed to find an exit plan quickly, it is obvious that he wasn’t looking far enough ahead.

It’s Not Just Trucks that Benefit from Looking Ahead

All motorists need to learn the importance of looking far enough ahead. Passenger vehicles are just as susceptible to getting tangled up in these situations as trucks. Safety on the roadways is a team effort that needs to be undertaken by anyone behind the wheel.