Technology and the Owner/Operator

Most people who choose to enter the trucking business as Owner/Operators do so because of the high level of freedom the arrangement offers. As an Owner/Operator, you are a small business, leasing your equipment (and yourself) out to a carrier in return for a percentage of total earnings instead of an hourly or per-mile wage. [...]

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Smarter, More Efficient Trucking and Hauling Through Clouds

Computer technology has greatly enhanced efficiency and productivity in the trucking industry. A recent advancement has altered the manner in which truckers utilize computers. In the past, software had to be installed in the owner/operator’s computer. Updating was haphazard as new versions and products had to be added manually. But cloud computing has changed all [...]

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Why is Trucking the Right Career for You?

For the right man or woman, becoming a commercial truck driver offers opportunities, benefits and a solid future. Manitoba commercial truck drivers are in demand, as trucking has become the preferred method of shipping for thousands of industries and millions of businesses. What are some of the positive aspects and challenges for truck drivers? Here’s [...]

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Proud to be part of Largest Truck Convoy

Len Dubois Trucking was proud to be part of The World's Largest Truck Convoy. The Convoy, which took place on Saturday, September 15, raised an incredible $65,000 for Special Olympics Manitoba. Len Dubois trucks were among the 141-strong fleet, which helped continue the tradition of the day being the largest showcase event for Manitoba's vibrant [...]

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