Hours of Service Final Rule (July 2013) Training Materials

Recently the US FMCSA released training materials for the new HOS rules that went into effect July 1, 2013. We have made them available for download below. Included is a quick reference card with a few of the more common rules that affect your log book. Also included are useful log book examples. There are [...]

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New Hours of Service Rules How To Video – Restart

http://youtu.be/egHSfCiSb60 On July 1, 2013 new U.S hours of service come into effect. This brief video shows several practical examples of the new restart rules. The time to restart your hours remain 34 hours but must include two back to back periods from 1am to 5am. You are limited to one restart in a seven day period. [...]

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New Hours of Service How to Video – 30 Minute Break Rule

http://youtu.be/YHuLJmynO94 On July 1, 2013 new U.S hours of service come into effect. This brief video shows several practical examples of the 30 minute break rule. Drivers cannot drive past the eighth hour from the beginning of their shift without a 30 minute rest period. Follow us on Facebook & Twitter Len Dubois Trucking is a medium [...]

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New HOS Rules and You

One of the biggest challenges for Canadian truck drivers is the ever more complicated Hours of Service Rules. We have to comply with different sets of HOS rules in Canada and the United States. The US FMCSA is finally implementing the new Hours of Service rules and we must be in compliance starting July 1, [...]

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CVSA’s Roadcheck 2013 June 4 to 6

Beginning Tuesday June 4, 2013 and running for a full 72 hours, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) and its members across the United States, Canada and Mexico will be participating in Roadcheck 2013. We know that we won’t have any problems, but as a reminder: Make sure you are completing thorough pre-trips, Ensure that [...]

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Careers are In Focus This Week in Winnipeg – Consider Trucking!

This time of year is always interesting for Winnipeg, and for once we're not discussing the weather. You see, this is the time of year where careers become a focal point for local youth. With graduation not far off for Grade 12 students and university students completing their studies (at least for now), the focus [...]

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Join us on "The Road Trip" Saturday Morning

Got a couple projects set for Saturday morning? Taking a ride to the rink? Then join us on "The Road Trip" this Saturday! The popular AM680 CJOB show came down to Len Dubois Trucking this past week to speak with Jason about life in the trucking industry, and the interview will air this Saturday during [...]

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Technology and the Owner/Operator

Most people who choose to enter the trucking business as Owner/Operators do so because of the high level of freedom the arrangement offers. As an Owner/Operator, you are a small business, leasing your equipment (and yourself) out to a carrier in return for a percentage of total earnings instead of an hourly or per-mile wage. [...]

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Smarter, More Efficient Trucking and Hauling Through Clouds

Computer technology has greatly enhanced efficiency and productivity in the trucking industry. A recent advancement has altered the manner in which truckers utilize computers. In the past, software had to be installed in the owner/operator’s computer. Updating was haphazard as new versions and products had to be added manually. But cloud computing has changed all [...]

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Why is Trucking the Right Career for You?

For the right man or woman, becoming a commercial truck driver offers opportunities, benefits and a solid future. Manitoba commercial truck drivers are in demand, as trucking has become the preferred method of shipping for thousands of industries and millions of businesses. What are some of the positive aspects and challenges for truck drivers? Here’s [...]

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